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Empty handed February 5, 2007

Posted by vijayshah in : કવિતા , trackback


I know the world was here

The day I was born,

And I know it will remain

Even after I am gone.

When I came, I did not bring

Even a single speck of stone.

Then what right do I have, to say,

That this world is all my own.

I know, whoever made this world

Will always take its care,

If my right it is to use it

My duty it is to share.

A simple thing in this life is that

Which everyone does know

Empty handed we all come here

And empty handed we all must go.

Girish Desai


1. - February 6, 2007

એકલા જ આવ્યા મનવા એકલા જવાના
સાથી વિના સંગી વિના એકલા જવાના

તો પછી હાથ તો ખાલી જ રહેવાનાને?

2. - February 10, 2007

ભલે ખાલી હાથે આવ્યા અને ખાલી હાથે જવાના, પણ આ ઘડી ભરેલી રાખવાનું સદ્ ભાગ્ય ન ગુમાવીએ.

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