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“The Deadlines” April 23, 2007

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“The Deadlines”

The lines that we know as deadlines
Are they really dead?
If that is truly a fact, to meet them,
Why do we bang our heads?

These lines which we think as dead
Are not dead but truly alive,
And people do toil to meet them,
Even more than nine to five.

These deadlines are the lines
That cause much fatigue and stress.
So to save yourself from both of these,
Just one point let me clearly stress.

It is OK to work hard to meet
The lines which we know as dead, but
Just don’t try to kill yourself for them,
Keep this clear in your head.

If somehow these deadlines are not met
They surely will be reborn.
But if you die to meet those lines
Forever you will be gone.

Girish Desai


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